Temperature Meters

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MIZA Digital Hygrometer Psychrometer

Triple Display shows Percentage Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Temperature

Delmhorst Granular Material Sensor for TM-100

TS-107, used to penetrate Solids

Delmhorst Liquid, Gas, Air Sensor for TM-100

TS-102, used to measure temperature

Delmhorst TM-100 Digital Thermometer

Check temperature in air and penetrable solids

Delmhorst F-6/6-30/1235, 6%-30% MC Hay Moisture Meter c/w 10" Prod, no case

Comes with 10" Prod used for testing Bales

Tramex CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter - Free Shipping

Tramex Concrete CMEX II Moisture Meter CMEX 2 Free Shipping
$645.00 $581.00

Delmhorst HT-3000 Thermo-Hygrometer

Delmhorst HT-3000 Thermo-Hygrometer