Single Angle Glossmeters

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MIZA Small Spot Measurement for Flat / Curved Surface 60° Glossmeter GJ-10800

Small Spot Gloss Measurement Gloss Meter GJ-10800 for difficult gloss measurements where other meters cannot.

MIZA US - Canadian Version 60° Gloss Meter

0 - 1,000GU 60° Gloss Meter ASTM D 523 MIZA GJ-10400

NovoGloss Flex 60

Novo Gloss Flex 60

Novo Gloss 60°


MIZA Poligloss 60° Gloss meter Concrete

MIZA Poligloss tested on Polished Concrete and marble to ASTM D523. Certified Accurate with Authentic North American Certificate

Elcometer 480 - Single Angle 60˚ Model T

Simply the most advanced Glossmeter in the world.

Elcometer 480 - Single Angle 60˚ Model B

Elegant Quality Rugged Simple to use but Advanced technically 60 degree Glossmeter
$1,989.00 $1,889.00