Roofing Moisture Meters


General Information 

The last step for a roofer is to check if their are any leaks in the roof.  To do this a roofer typically uses a infrared camera to take a picture and check for areas that are leaking.  They then use a moisture meter to find the exact spot of the leak and trace it back to the membrane. 

A moisture meter is a must for a roofer, a leak in the roof can cause major problems within the structure as well as a fire hazard, health issues (such as mold), safety issues etc.  A moisture meter is the only tool that can trace a leak back to its membrane making it an essential tool for roofers.


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Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter

"Home Inspectors #1 Meter for Moisture" Long time winner for simplicity and accuracy.
$470.00 $423.00

Tramex MRH3 Moisture Meter

Tramex MRH3 Pinless meter with Optional Pin and RH Probes
$575.00 $518.00

Tramex Roof Master Kit RMK5.1

The Tramex Roof Master kit is a professional system used on flat roof coverings with insulation (balasted roofs) to quickly find moisture within the membrane.
$8,960.00 $8,307.00

Tramex RWS Roof Wall Scanner Moisture Meter

Commercial Roofing & Wall moisture meter measures to 4" depth
$1,600.00 $1,440.00

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Concrete Package

Starter Pkg with one ASTM F-2170 RHT Sensor, Cable, 10 Sleeves & HardCase

Tramex Roof Inspection Kit

Includes the Roof Wall Scan, CMEX2 Concrete Moisture Meter, Hand Probe with 200mm (7") pins, RH sensor, IR Gun & Hole Punch