Pinless Meter

Pinless Moisture Meters

General Information 

Pinless meters provide a non-destructive measurement of moisture in wood and other substrates such as concrete and gypsum.  They measure moisture in materials using the principle of electrical impedence.  The bonus of having a pinless is that you can scan large areas faster than with a pin increasing your effiency.

This type of meter is commonly used to determine moisture content on a relative scale of 0-100% in concrete sub floors and flooring prior to laying a wood floor or other decorative flooring surface. Other common uses for a non-contact moisture meter for identifying possible moisture build-up behind bathroom/shower tiles, under vinyl flooring, and other finished surfaces as well as determining if water-borne finishes are adequately dry prior to second application.

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Aqua Measure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter

Portable Moisture Meter for 0-15% MC on Paper Sheets or Rolls

Aqua Measure LGF Gypsum Moisture Meter

Moisture Test Can be performed on a moving Board

Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Meter

3-in-1 technology and advanced job definitions for organized readings

Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter

2-in-1 Allows you to quickly scan materials and use pin mode to pin point exact source of moisture

Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter Package

2-in-1 Meter with 6-60% MC Range

Delmhorst TechScan Moisture Meter PRO

Freeze readings in Hard to reach places with our Hold button feature

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter

TotalCheck for Hardwood Inspectors, Advanced Contractors, Quality Flooring Specialists

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Flooring Package

Starter Pkg for Hardwood Installers with advanced pin/scan/RH meter. C/W Hammer Probe, PC Link, one Relative Humidity Sensor, Sleeves & Hard Case

Lignomat Scanner S Moisture Meter

1/4" Pinless meter

Lignomat Scanner SDM Dual Depth Moisture Meter

Dual Depth 1/4" + 3/4" Pinless meter with Bamboo scales

MEP Calibration Check Box

Calibration Check Box for MEP

Merlin EVO SM 25mm Lumber Wood Moisture Meter

Digital Pinless measurement for Lumber - wood with Species Densities of 175 - 1075 kg/m³
$501.99 $421.99

Merlin EVO WW 13mm Non Invasive Wood Moisture Meter

Pinless EVO WW Moisture Meter for Wood. Super Species Density Range 175-1075 kg/m³
$492.99 $421.99

Merlin Hardwood Flooring and Furniture Moisture Meter HM9-WS13

NEW Merlin HM9-WS13 for Hardwood Flooring and Furniture
$334.99 $281.99

Merlin HM8-WS1 HD Veneer Moisture Meter for Exotics

The Merlin HM8-WS1 HD is specifically made to measure Single Sheets of Veneer around 1-2 mm or the top layer of engineered Exotics & North American hardwoods.
$487.99 $350.00

Merlin HM8-WS13 HD Moisture Meter

6 Cursor Settings to choose from different Wood Densities

Merlin HM8-WS25 Moisture Meter

Measure Boards over 3/4" with Speed and Accuracy
$410.00 $369.00

Merlin HM8-WS25 HD Moisture Meter

Measure Boards over 3/4" with Speed and Accuracy
$410.00 $369.00

Merlin non invasive ECO 10 HD Wood Moisture Meter

ECO 10 HD Measures moisture non invasively in High Density Wood from 450-950 kg/m³
$280.00 $299.99

Merlin Non Invasive ECO 10 Wood Moisture Meter

Pinless Moisture Meter Measures Standard Density Wood from 370-670 kg/m³
$280.00 $181.25

MRH3 Calibration Check Box

Calibration Check Box for MEP
$82.00 $74.00

Tramex Calibration Check Plugs

Calibration Check Box for MEP

Tramex CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter - Free Shipping

Tramex Concrete CMEX II Moisture Meter CMEX 2 Free Shipping
$645.00 $581.00

Tramex Concrete Encounter CME4 Moisture Meter

CME4 Tramex Concrete Encounter CME4 Moisture Meter to measure the moisture non destructively in the top 1" of concrete.
$530.00 $477.00

Tramex Concrete Inspection EZ Kit

Includes the CMEX2 Concrete Moisture Meter, 3 RH Sensors, and 12 hole liners.
$1,065.00 $959.00

Tramex Concrete Inspection Kit

Includes the CMEX II Concrete Moisture Meter, 4 RH Sensors, IR thermometer and 12 hole liners.
$1,285.00 $1,157.00

Tramex DEC Scanner Mobile Moisture Meter

Mobile Moisture Meter for scanning large roofing areas for fast and accurate results
$7,420.00 $6,678.00

Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter

"Home Inspectors #1 Meter for Moisture" Long time winner for simplicity and accuracy.
$470.00 $423.00

Tramex MRH3 Moisture Meter

Tramex MRH3 Pinless meter with Optional Pin and RH Probes
$575.00 $518.00

Tramex Roof Inspection Kit

Includes the Roof Wall Scan, CMEX2 Concrete Moisture Meter, Hand Probe with 200mm (7") pins, RH sensor, IR Gun & Hole Punch

Tramex RWS Roof Wall Scanner Moisture Meter

Commercial Roofing & Wall moisture meter measures to 4" depth
$1,600.00 $1,440.00

Tramex Skipper Plus Moisture Meter for Boats

Designed to detect moisture in the hulls of GRP fiberglass and wood parts of boats.
$495.00 $446.00

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Concrete Package

Starter Pkg with one ASTM F-2170 RHT Sensor, Cable, 10 Sleeves & HardCase

Wagner Orion 930 Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

7 Year Warranty on the Wagner Pinless Wood Orion 930 Moisture Meter