Paper Moisture Meters

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Delmhorst 12-E Electrode

Double-Roller Type Electrode

Delmhorst 19-E Electrode

Used on stacked paper and veneer
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Delmhorst 2-E/H Electrode

Two Pins with 5/16" penetration, 10' Cable and connects to MTC-60

Delmhorst 43-E Electrode

Clamp type electrode used for thin materials

Delmhorst 55-E Electrode

Leaf Type Electrode on a moving web

Aqua Measure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter

Portable Moisture Meter for 0-15% MC on Paper Sheets or Rolls

Delmhorst 830-4 Series Co-Axial Prod 36"

Co-Axial Prod 36", 830-4

Delmhorst Paper P-2000 Moisture Meter

Has three Paper Scales making it a great choice for Inspectors, Superintendents etc.

Delmhorst Paper RDM-3P Moisture Meter

Three Scales Allows you to measure 3 different types of Paper

Delmhorst Paper RDM-3P Moisture Meter PC/Kit Package

Includes the PC/Kit where you can download info to your computer

Delmhorst Wood J-4 Moisture Meter, Hammer Electrode Package

Easy to Use and with the Hamnmer Probe is great for Woodworkers, Sawmills and General Contractors

Delmhorst 830-2 Co-Axial Prod 10"

830-2 10" Hay Prod

Delmhorst RDM-3 Moisture Meter Package

Digital Pin Moisture Meter with Date Stamp & Stores 1400 points

Delmhorst H-4 Electrode Handle

Electrode Handle for Prods