New products

Moisture Meter for Lumber HM9-WS25

NEW Merlin HM9-WS25 for Lumber

Hardwood Flooring and Furniture Moisture Meter HM9-WS13

NEW Merlin HM9-WS13 for Hardwood Flooring and Furniture

Parquet Flooring Moisture Meter HM9-WS5

NEW Merlin HM9-WS5 for Parquet Flooring

Adjustable Depth Veneer Moisture Meter HM9-WS1

NEW Merlin HM9-WS1 for a Single Sheet of Veneer

Wagner Smart Logger 5 Pak Data Logger

5 Smart Loggers Bluetooth - Data Logger - Capture, record, and send up to 12,000 readings of ambient temperature and relative humidity.
$345.00 $320.62

Phoenix Smart A - Contact Angle

SEO’s Phoenix system consists of the Phoenix-MT instruments and the Surfaceware software. A Computer is required for the operation of the system, and all modules should set position properly (position should be able to see the image on software)