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Moisture Meter for Lumber HM9-WS25

NEW Merlin HM9-WS25 for Lumber
Manufacturer: Merlin
SKU: MN-13013

Overview of Merlin HM9-WS25 Moisture Meter for Lumber:

The NEW Merlin HM9-WS25 Pinless handheld moisture meter is for the measurement of moisture in Lumber. The Merlin HM9-WS25 is quality built in Western Europe. Designed to quickly measure moisture in Lumber.

The Merlin HM9-WS25 is a professional moisture meter designed to quickly measure all Lumber species. Used in Lumber moisture measurement application areas where speed and accuracy are a must.

Features of the Merlin HM9-WS25 Lumber Moisture Meter for all Wood Types - Species:

  • Industrial Quality
  • Exterior Rubber Protection
  • Large LCD High Res. 0.1% Display
  • Adjustable veneer 6 depths 0.5-3mm
  • Self Calibrating
  • Auto Off
  • 8 Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Czech, Russian
  • Pinless/ Non-Destructive
  • Low Moisture Measurement Capability
  • 21 Wood Species programmed
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Density of 0.175-1.075g/cm3

Specs of the Merlin HM9-WS25 Lumber Moisture Meter:

  • Size 6”x3”x1” - 150x73x23mm
  • Weight 6 oz. - 215g
  • Moisture Range: 2-30%
  • Languages: 8
  • Species: 21
  • Batteries: 4-AA
  • Made in Western Europe
  • 1 yr warranty