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MIZA Digital Hygrometer Psychrometer

Triple Display shows Percentage Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Temperature

Delmhorst BD-10 Moisture Meter

Entry Level Analog Meter, Easy to operate and loaded with features

Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Meter

3-in-1 technology and advanced job definitions for organized readings

Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter

2-in-1 Allows you to quickly scan materials and use pin mode to pin point exact source of moisture

Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter Package

2-in-1 Meter with 6-60% MC Range

Delmhorst TechScan Moisture Meter PRO

Freeze readings in Hard to reach places with our Hold button feature

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Flooring Package

Starter Pkg for Hardwood Installers with advanced pin/scan/RH meter. C/W Hammer Probe, PC Link, one Relative Humidity Sensor, Sleeves & Hard Case

Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter

"Home Inspectors #1 Meter for Moisture" Long time winner for simplicity and accuracy.
$470.00 $423.00

Tramex MRH3 Moisture Meter

Tramex MRH3 Pinless meter with Optional Pin and RH Probes
$575.00 $518.00

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Concrete Package

Starter Pkg with one ASTM F-2170 RHT Sensor, Cable, 10 Sleeves & HardCase

Tramex Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit

Includes: -CME4 non-destructive, instant concrete moisture meter. -MEP non-destructive moisture meter for general building materials. -Easy travel case.

Tramex Roof Inspection Kit

Includes the Roof Wall Scan, CMEX2 Concrete Moisture Meter, Hand Probe with 200mm (7") pins, RH sensor, IR Gun & Hole Punch