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Digital Self Aligning Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

0-20 MPa / 3000 psi Self Aligning Digital Pull-Off tester using Dollies from 10mm to 50mm to measure the force required to tear away the coating from the substrate.
Manufacturer: MIZA
SKU: CB-15500

Pull Off Adhesion Tester


  • ASTM D4541
  • ASTM D7234
  • ISO 4624
  • ISO 16276-1

Imbotec Miza Pull-Off Features:

  • 0-3000psi
  • Self Aligning
  • Waterproof
  • Pull Rate Indicator
  • Smooth Even pressure Applied
  • Maximum Capability with many Sized Dollies
  • 50mm Dolly for Coatings and Overlays

Pull-off Test

Adhesion of a single coating or a multi-coat system of paint, varnish or related products is assessed by measuring the minimum tensile stress necessary to detach or rupture the coating in a direction perpendicular to the substrate. This method maximizes tensile stress as compared to the shear stress applied by other methods such as scratch adhesion and their results may not be comparable. The test is performed by securing a loading fixture (dolly) perpendicular to the surface of the coating with an adhesive. After the adhesive is cured, a testing apparatus is attached to the loading fixture and aligned to apply tension perpendicular to the testsurface. The force applied is gradually increased and monitored until either a plug of coating material is detached, or a specified value is reached.

The CB-15500 digital pull-off adhesion tester is a portable, hand-operated instrument which is used to measure the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure. The pressure is displayed on a digital LCD and represents the coating’s strength of adhesion to the substrate.

It evaluates the adhesion (pull-off strength) of a coating by determining the greatest tensile pull-off force that it can bear before detaching. Breaking points, demonstrated by fractured surfaces, occur along the weakest plane within the system consisting of dolly, adhesive, coating layers and substrate.

Test Principle

Coating or a multi-coat system of paint is applied/distributed to substrate uniformly with a certain thickness.

After the coating has dried or cured, adhere the dolly to the surface of the coating directly with a special adhesive.

After the adhesive is cured, use the Imbotec Miza CB-15500 digital pull-off adhesion tester to attach the loading fixture and align it to apply tension perpendicular to the test surface. The tester will pull off the dolly at a speed of 1MPa/s per hydraulic pump, and will measure the force required to pull the specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure, this force is shown on the LCD display.              


◆ Portable design, can be used anywhere.

◆ Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, completely portable, no external power required.

◆ 4 different dolly sizes for different applications are available.

◆ Results are shown on the builtin LCD display.

◆ Includes all tools needed for testing


◆ Each system is calibrated to within 1% accuracy by NIST traceable load cells

◆ High-precision sensor ensures 0.01MPa resolution

◆ Self-aligning dollies ensure reliable testing results for smooth or uneven surfaces.

◆ Comes with calibration certificate


◆ Stores all test results (includes Max.pull-off power, pull-off rate, dolly size and time)automatically

◆ Two units of measurement(MPa and psi)

◆ No need for any software, this unit appears as a Hard-Drive, when connecting it to a computer, all data can be read directly

◆ Showing pull-off rate allows users to monitor and adjust pull speed according to different test requirements.


◆ Waterproof, dustproof and shockproof design meets any harsh operating environment

◆ Carrying case made of strong plastic

◆ Two year warranty


Main Technical Parameters

■ Dolly Size:0.78inch (20mm)(Standard);0.39inches, 0.55inches, 1.97inches (10mm, 14mm, 50mm(Optional)

■ Resolution: 0.01MPa(1psi)

■ Accuracy:±1% Full scale

■ Max. Pull-off Pressure:Φ10mm dolly →0-80 MPa;Φ14mm dolly→0-40 MPa;Φ20mm dolly→0-20 MPa;Φ50mm dolly→0-3.5 MPa;

■ Power:Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, and standard configuration charging adapter.

■ Adhesion Tester Size:14.17x2.95x4.52inches (360mm×75mm×115mm)(L x W x H)

■ Adhesion Tester Weight:3KG


Packing List

  ① Adhesion Tester with digital display

  ② 20mm Aluminum test dollies(20 pcs)

  ③ Cutting toll for 20mm dollies,

  ④ 3M Adhesive and glue gun

  ⑤ Micro-USB cable

  ⑥ Operation Manual

  ⑦ Carrying case

Available Dollies (Optional):

0.39inches (10mm) Dolly(10 pcs/package)
0.55inches (14mm) Dolly(10 pcs/package)
0.79inches (20mm) Dolly(10 pcs/package)
1.97inches (50mm) Dolly(10 pcs/package)