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Computer Servo Tensile Machine - Single column

Manufacturer: MIZA
SKU: CB-16520

Overview of Computer Servo Tensile Machine - Single column

The Computer Servo tensile machine is a new type of material machine which combines electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It completes the data analysis and print the test result with computer controls and machine operation. It also communicates between machine and computer over serials communication or RS232. Communication is done through the USB interface. It has wide accuracy, acceleration and test force range, not only measuring and controlling the load and displacement in higher accuracy and sensitively, but also doing the control test through automatic isokinetic load and displacement.

It is easy and convenient to use, especially applied in inspection of instruments which is used for controlling products. This series of Servo Tensile Machines is mainly suit for nonmetal and metal test with test load less than 10kN.

These machines have a wide range of usage. They can test several types of materials such as end products and semi-manufacturee dumbbell specimen of plastic (cloth tube plate), rubber (plate tube), metal wire, tape, wheel, textile, acrylic, FRP, EVA, PE and shoes etc, testing their functions which include tensile strength, elongation, tearing, stripping, glue force etc.


  • Standards:ASTM D 903、GB/T 16491、GB/T 1040、GB/T 8808、GB 13022、GB/T 2790 etc.
  • Sensor with high accuracy ( transmission mechanism adopts high accuracy ball screw)
  • Sampling frequency of Data:200 times/s
  • It can storage numerous testing results of reference points, counting the average and grasping the Max which exist on the point of broken by automatically.
  • The setting range of broken proportions:0~99%, you can set it according to the test demand of different specimen at you will, make the downtime true on different point.
  • Safety set:Overload, urgent downtime set, up and down process limited set.
  • The collection with synchronous puts into practice by true, 24 bites AD transformed, resolution is up to 1/500,000, and it oversteps the same industry level absolutely.
  • It include the voice prompt during the test, and we are the unique 
    Modular+ SQL technology + Crystal reporter + Database technology, it is very convenient for the create user setting reporter or more
  • Thousands of clamps and clamps set for choosing
    With several sensors supported, it can satisfy with different range demands by assembling several sensors at the same time.

The Characteristics of software:

◆ Support Windows XP/Vista operating system.

◆ With nine languages in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, the software interface can be converted at your will, the database field displayed name of test data translated automatically along with chosen words, make the data are easily to scan under the chosen words, and to meet the machine be used all over the world

◆ Support three types:SI international standard unit, kg-cm unit, Lb-Inch unit, six common units: N-mm-MPa,kN-mm-MPa, gf-cm-kgf/cm2, kgf-cm-kgf/cm2、Lb-Inch-kpsi, kP-Inch-kpsi, the unit is easy to convert. It is used to meet different area using.

◆ By using the USB2.0 communicate interface with Photoelectric isolation, it completely get rid of the computer serial interface or Circuit board serial interface damage caused by different earth wire,thus realizing hot-swap between the computers and test machine board.

◆ Software adopts permission grading management: tester permission, test management permission, test machine producer permission, both convenience and safety are included.

◆ Operator interface attached with Voice, Graph, image: using intuition and convenient, and it will decrease the operation error by voice mentioned, improving the reliability at the same time. It is very convenient for professional user with virtual dial display.

◆  MS-ACCESS database technology and SQL technology: it is not only applied for data preservation and processing standardization, but also convenient for connecting to Intranet or Internet; it can also connect Word or Excel etc software easily; the user can read original test data just through standard database.

◆ Modular programming: Crystal Reporter system and VBScript or JAVA Script can enlarge the user’s reporter and parameters program by automatically calculate; the user can develop by secondary, it can make extruding, compression, bending, tearing, stripping, shearing etc test function true except for software bag. Every kinds of test function can support more than 20 pc of test reporter and parameters program by automatically calculate ( adopt VBScript or JAVA Script)

◆ The Curve Function: the main sheet shows real-time curve during the test, besides, there are other sheets which are used for curve deal, it can deal with six kinds of curve display (force-deform, force-time. Stress-strain, stress-time, strain-time, deform-time curve), you can calculate elastic modulus, surrender point, hardening start point etc parameters in mouse through curve( attention: it usually calculates the mentioned parameters accurately by calculate automatically, the mentioned functions are supplement in special situations)

◆ Multi-sensor support: It can support the sensor with five forces, sensor with five deform, expanded the test range greatly. 


Technical Parameters of Computer Servo Tensile Machine - Single column:

  • Product: Computer servo Tensile Machine(Single Column)
  • Power system: Dongyuan servo machine
  • Max. range: 5、10、20、25、50、100、200kg
  • Unit convertible: g,kg,  N,  LB (supply with three units which include international standard, metric, inch,  convertible automatically)
  • Measuring range of test force: 0.4%~100 FS (full range)
  • Display error of test force: ≤ ±0.3%
  • Resolution of test force 1/500,000
  • Resolution of displacement:  0.015mm
  • Display error of displacement: ≤0.2%
  • Max. Space of Tension:  31.5inches (800mm) (clamp is not included)
  • Test speed: 0.01-500mm/min (stepless speed regulating)
  • Valid test wide: Unlimited
  • Overall Size: 177.1x216.5x531.5inches (450×550×1350cm) (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 165.3lbs (75kg)
  • Power: 200W


 Notice: about the Elongation of the Tensile Machine

The tensile machine attached with displacement measuring system is  used for measuring the cross distance of tensile head. If there is a requirement for more elongation, such as testing elongation of rubber products, other accesories are necessary with large-deformation test frame and large-deformation extensometer, when the metal with small elongation, small-deformation extensometer is not enough (metal extensometer). Large-deformation and small-deformation is the absolute displacement between two points during the extruding.