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Closed Paint Mixer - Manual/Centrifuge

Manufacturer: MIZA
SKU: CB-20560

Overview of Closed Paint Mixer - Automatic/Shake

This closed paint shaker is able to operate with containers varying size from .5L to 20L.
The operation is very simple; using a special clamp device to fix the container, set required working time and run. With high-speed rotating and shaking, your sample can be dispersed efficiently. These machines are high-efficiency, no VOC leakage, no pollution, easy and convinent to operate.

These maixers are available as shakers and as centrifuge. For shaking, the container is shaked up and down, back and forth at high-speed. For centrfuge, the container is rotated at 130 or 260 RPM.

Features of Closed Paint Mixer - Automatic/Shake:

  • Adjustable clamp to suit a great variety of container sizes.
  • Safety lock; if the cabinet door is opened, the mixer will stop immediately.
  • The supporting table for the container can be pulled-out, rotated and fixed.

Technical Parameters:

  • Working Method: Centrifuge
  • Clamping Container Method: Manual
  • Container Capacity: 17 fl oz- 676 fl. oz (0.5L-20L)
  • Container Height: 2.75inches- 15.4inches (70mm-390mm)
  • Motor Power: 0.75 KW
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight:441LBS/529LBS (200 KG/240KG)
  • Overall Size(H×W×D): 40.75x31.5x31.9inches (1035×800×810 mm)
  • Rotation Speed: 130/260 RPM