Biuged Laboratory Instruments Co. Ltd.  Is one of leading professional manufacturers of instruments used in the paint, ink and coatings industry. 


        Originally formed in 1963, we have grown to an internationally recognized business with a worldwide customer base which includes the worlds leading paint and coatings manufactures and users. 


Biuged main factory



        Our R&D department continually investigates new product design ideas, in conjunction with the major standards committees, in order to supply up to date instrumentation for the Quality Control of coatings. We always apply advanced contemporary techniques and experience to all our new products.


        Our manufacturing department ensures that all our products are built to the highest quality, every instrument undergoing rigorous calibration and testing before it leaves our factory.


   ‘Quality first and user uppermost’ are one of our claims. Our Instruments strive for best in quality and after-sale service. Satisfying your needs is our goal.


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Intelligent Krebs Stormer Viscometer

A Krebs Viscometer that is customer calibratable, 4 different Krebs units all shown simultaneously with a large LED to display all the information.
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