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The "correct" Moisture Meters for the job, at the best price with professional courteous service, that is us. Our "Moisture Knowledge" started back in 1980 with the dewatering efficiency of paper machines. Since then knowledge has expanded to many water measuring technologies from radio waves to IR and microwave. This particular website is designed for relatively easy applications. The moisture meters on this website solve issues for a wide array of industries and personal job requirements. These solutions can range from a low requirement for a hardwood claims adjuster to a high level for a hardwood flooring inspector requiring various moisture measurement technologies. If you want to get the best value solution, we are here for you. 

Imbotec Group is the owner of this website. Since 1999, we have become the Leading & Largest Canadian Solutions Supplier of Moisture Measurement Meters, Sensors and Moisture Data Logging Devices in the country. We supply solutions to a wide variety of industries.


Some of our brand name moisture meter suppliers are; Delmhorst, Wagner, Lignomat, Tramex, Merlin, Moisture Register-Aqua Measure, all from the Western World. Each has their strength for particular solutions. If you are looking for cheap throw-away meters that only detect water, there are plenty of other cheap sources, but not here. We strive to provide our customers with a long lasting correct solution without breaking the bank.


Imbotec welcomes Wagner to our supplier family.  Check out the products from this well-respected North American manufacturer.  Over the coming days and weeks our Wagner product offerings will continue to expand.  If you don't see what you want right now, feel free to call and inquire.

Check out our newly expanded range of agricultural products, including extraordinarily sturdy European-made meters for measuring moisture AND temperature in hay (these meters come with an amazing 5-year warranty), and a new Delmhorst digital meter for hops.

We're fixing up our Related Products recommendations, to make it easier to find accessories, replacement parts, and other options that make sense with or instead of each item in our catalogue.  This is a work in progress, so keep checking back in to see how things are changing.  Remember, we're always happy to hear from you with questions - we understand that the number of choices is wide, and can be confusing.  Our expert sales team is always ready to help find the perfect equipment for your needs.


Imbotec Group not only supplies moisture meters, but we continue to support our customers with after sales service. Our Services include Calibration, Certification, Repair and Spare Parts. We are also proud to be an Authorized Delmhorst Service Centre, providing service in Canada for these high-quality, North-American made products.  Click here to explore our full range of Delmhorst products, or Contact Us to ask us about service or support for your Delmhorst product.

Our service-oriented customers include farmers, flood restoration, water damage, water-mold remediation, roofing consultants, building envelope specialists, hardwood floor inspectors, contractors, claims adjusters, distributors, manufacturers, commercial building inspectors, pulp & paper, home inspectors and so many others.


Inventory is second to none and includes a comprehensive range of Moisture and Humidity Measurement Devices.  We strive to be your immediate choice for next day delivery or same day pickup. This enables you to have a one-stop source for all your professional moisture - humidity requirements.

CUSTOMERS - American & Canadian:

Our customers for moisture meters are definitely mainly from Canada and the United States. Our returning customers are wide and varied. Companies like Anderson Windows and Beechcraft Airplanes trust us with their Highest Quality Moisture Measurements. Our certificates have gone to court with Hardwood Flooring Inspectors, backing up their expertise with our assurance that their equipment is accurate and within tolerance.


Our website is useful and easy to navigate. with a large amount of useful information for the user. If you know the manufacturer, then go straight to all their products. If you want a list broken down by application or industry, we also have an extensive choice narrowed down by function. If all fails, just contact us.

Imbotec Benefits

  1. Canadian Corporation with a Better Business Bureau "BBB" rating of A+.
  2. Moisture meeasurement solutions with Pin, Pinless Scan, both or Datalogging Technology.
  3. DECADES of Experience with Moisture Measurement with IR, Dielectric and Microwave technology.
  4. Solutions for Process Control Moisture Analysis with an Industrial Infra Red "IR" or Microwave Sensor.
  5. Solutions to Measure Moisture on many Products; Boat hulls, Hay, Hardwood, Roofs, Lumber, Paper, Gypsum, Powders, Food, Organics, etc.
  6. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  7. Moisture Meters in STOCK from Delmhorst, Wagner, Tramex, Lignomat, Merlin, Aqua Measure - Moisture Register.
  8. Best Names in Moisture Measurement from North America and Europe. No Chinese.
  9. Please note, we have our Solutions & Products indexed by Meter Type, Manufacturer, Application, and Industry for your  utmost convenience.
  10. If you are not sure of what you require, please call us for courteous service at 905.450.1746, or toll free at 866.462.6832 here in Canada.

French/Francais;  Bonjour, du Groupe Imbotec Group. Si vous avez besoin de l'aide pour choisir un produit ou solution, appeler nous en francais au poste 114.

Spanish/Español; También hablamos Español aquí para serviros mejor. Telefono 001.905.450.1746 ext. 115

For U.S. Customers who wish to purchase products, please call us directly for USD prices.

For Volume Discounts, please contact us at 1.866.462.6832

We hope to hear your feedback on whether we have provided you with a better experience.

Featured products

Aqua Measure AM-III Paper Moisture Meter

Portable Moisture Meter for 0-15% MC on Paper Sheets or Rolls
From $2,499.00

Delmhorst RDM-3 Moisture Meter

Digital Pin Moisture Meter with Date Stamp & Stores 1400 points

Lignomat Mini Ligno DX/C Pin Moisture Meter

Easy to use Moisture Meter for Wood, Bamboo, Sheetrock

Lignomat VersaTec 3-in-1 Moisture Meter

Value Choice for Hardwood Installers w/125 Wood Species, Pin & Concrete RH

Merlin ECO-10HD Moisture Meter

Measures High Density Wood from 450-950 kg/m³

Merlin EVO 13 Wood Moisture Meter

Pinless Moisture Meter for Wood. Super Range 175-1075 kg/m³

MIZA Digital Hygrometer Psychrometer

Triple Display shows Percentage Relative Humidity, Dew Point and Temperature

Tramex Concrete CMEX II Moisture Meter

Measures Moisture content instantly in Concrete Floors and Screeds

Tramex Concrete Encounter CME4 Moisture Meter

Tramex Concrete Encounter CME4 Moisture Meter

Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter

"Home Inspectors #1 Meter for Moisture" Long time winner for simplicity and accuracy.

Tramex RWS Roof Wall Scanner RWS Moisture Meter

Commercial Roofing & Wall moisture meter measures to 4" depth

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